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November 4, 1973: The Great Brisbane Tornado

40 years on... One of the most damaging tornadoes ever recorded in Australia. A tornado with intensities up to EF3 roared through Brisbane damaging about 1400 buildings.

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November 17, 2009: A Great Lightshow

After a hot day with temps reaching 40C at Ipswich, high based storms with photogenic lightning moved in from the SW. The CGs were frequent and spectacular!

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Boonah to Redland Bay Supercell: December 10, 1999

This was a big day with a long lived classic supercell developing well WNW of Stanthorpe before eventually carving through Boonah and heading seawards off Redland Bay.


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Line of Storms: November 30, 1997

A long line of storms moved through SE Qld with heavy rain, small hail and lots of lightning.


Brisbane Valley Destruction: March 18, 1998

A severe thunderstorm carved through the Brisbane Valley, destroying 5 large power pylons near Harlin.

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