A squall line moved right across SE Queensland today with gusty winds and heavy rain. A briliant sunset followed! I took this at Forest Lake:

An amazing sunset at Forest Lake with mamatus and rainbow - October 17, 2016

During the early hours of July 17, the biggest snowfalls since 1984 fell on the Granite Belt region of Queensland. Some snow even fell as far as Cunninghams Gap and east to Killarney.  In the Cunninghams Gap area, snow was said to have fallen as low as 350m ASL! Certainly a rare event, and I felt privileged to have been in Stanthorpe and the Granite Belt for it.  I've never seen so much snow!  The look on the locals' faces was priceless.  Just amazing.  I put a lot of my footage together, and have created the above youtube video - I hope you like it.  Below this, some snow photos. There are others, which I'm regularly putting in the Facebook Gallery.

The following are some of my favourite storm and lightning photos I've taken during the 2014/2015 season so far.  While there they aren't in any real order, I had to put this photo up at the top, as it will rank in the top 3 most damaging thunderstorms in Australia's history.

Destructive Brisbane Hailstorm - November 27, 2014 - also check my youtube video:

The very destructive Brisbane hailstorm of November 27, 2014

Purga Squall Line - December 18, 2014:

Nasty Purga Squall Line - December 18, 2014

Ulmarra (NE NSW) Thunderstorm - December 29, 2014:

Ulmarra (NE NSW) Thunderstorm - December 29, 2014

Peak Crossing Lightning - December 9, 2014:

Peak Crossing Lightning - December 9, 2014

Peak Crossing Lightning - December 9, 2014

There have been so many foggy mornings since the end of Summer - well above average. This week, winds will tend drier, limiting fogs to inland valleys - after tomorrow morning. Morning temperatures will decrease too. I've been out and about lately at sunrise to capture some of the beautiful scenes that come with fog:

A brilliant foggy sunrise at Warril View - June 22, 2014

A foggy sunrise out at Ripley - June 21, 2014

A murky morning at Wyaralong Dam - June 20, 2014

Remember these all appear on the Brisbane Storms Gallery by James Chambers Facebook page. Please like or share the images to keep the page alive!

Well in the last couple of weeks I had a feeling the storm season was over. As it turns out, it isn't, and today was the 3rd day in a row with storms in the area. Today was the biggest day, with many severe hailstorms lining the ranges during the afternoon. I was unable to chase until late today, thus I only saw the leftovers of the inland storms as they fell over coming off the ranges. The storms yesterday also preferred the ranges (and were much weaker than today) but I was able to get a bit closer - and I took the following shots. What a great lightshow!

Very close lightning at Lower Mt Walker

A crawler/CG combo looking west from Marburg January 21, 2014

Firstly... happy new year! Shocking heat on Saturday (44C in Ipswich, 45C Beaudesert) and very warm and humid conditions Sunday and Monday morning led to widespread thunderstorms with damage and flash flooding during Monday afternoon. It looks like worst damage occurred in the Grantham area as well as Tallebudgera. Once again lightning was incredibly frequent, with tens of thousands of lightning strikes across SE Qld. This shot was taken from Kingston, looking west. The super wide angle (10mm) makes it look further away than what it was! It was actually striking about 1-2km from my position! The second shot was taken a few minutes before as the menacing gust front approached.

Close lightning as nasty storms approach! January 6, 2014

A menacing gust front approaches. January 6, 2014

As temperatures soared above 40C in parts, patchy storms started developing. Sometimes in such situations (such as November 17, 2009) the high temps, relatively low humidity and instability can bring on weak to moderate storm activity with nice tall visible lightning. That's exactly what happened! Many storms (with not a lot of rain) developed across the area. Photographers such as myself were spoilt for choice, with thousands of lightning strikes to capture. Here are some of them:

Brilliant electrical display!

Brilliant electrical display!

Brilliant electrical display!

Here are a couple of images from the weekend. Another good one with high quality storms, although upper winds didn't help at times. The first is the supercell which developed near Boonah which tracked north to Ipswich while the second is taken looking SW from Kalbar at some nice lightning on the Sunday.

December 14 north of Boonah:

Boonah Supercell December 14, 2013.

December 15 Kalbar

Kalbar Lightning December 15, 2013.

This really has been a good storm season. Best since 2008 anyway. There's been many supercells days, and even a couple of LP (low precipitation) supercell days. The best of all of it, there really hasn't been much damage - touch wood. Here are some of my images of this season so far. There really are dozens more images I could have put up, but I didn't want to clog the homepage. Click for larger! More images on my facebook page! Below the images are some videos, including timelapse.

November 10, Maroon Dam Lightning

Maroon Dam Lightning November 10, 2013.

November 12: Harrisville Lightning

Harrisville Lightning November 12, 2013.

November 14: Ipswich Squall Line November 15: Coomera (LP) BEAST (My favourite!) See video

Coomera Beast November 15, 2013

November 16: Jimboomba Hailstorm - see video

Jimbooma Hailstorm November 16, 2013

November 24: LP Supercell

LP Supercell November 24, 2013




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